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WEST Surfboards - The Air Head
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Length: 3' Shorter to 2" Above Surfer's Height

Outline: Straight, Single Full Curve Outline and Full Nose Area with Positive Wide pt. , WideTail Area

Tail: Swallow, Baby Swallow, Half Moon, RP, Thumb

Rocker: MED+ Entery Rocker ; Flat Med Rocker; MED +Exit Rocker

Bottom: Slight Single to Double w/ VEE off the last 6"

Rail: Low Bally Rail

Fin Syst.: QUAD Fin Set- up; FCS, Future,

Wave Ht: Surf in 2ft. to soild 8ft waves,

Comments: With it's loose drivey feel , the AirHead is the X Factor in board choice. The design is combination of Rocker, Outline, and Fin Placement. The full nose volume w/ the rocker lets it be ridden like a board 6" bigger. The Speed is energized by the deep single concave under the front foot and Quad fin set up. The Quad Fin placement not only give drive but also loosens up the board when combine with Dbl Concave & VEE. The VEE add in the tail helps the Rai to Rail Transition. This board will bring some serious fun back into your surfing.

WEST Surfboards is dedicated to working with underground surfers to give them the equipment they are searching for in design and weight. Whether it is for competition, big wave surfing, or free surfing; West Surfboards works with individual surfers from design to refinement to create a board that the surfer has total confidence in.

WEST Customs are designed using CAD software and CNC machine. Each board is tailored to that surfer's specific needs, ie: Custom Glassing Sch. for lightness; Fin Placement: cant-degree's, & toe; Edge: lenght & shapeness; to give a consistent board for each individual surfer & in conjuction w/ surf conditions, performance, and the surfer's dynamics.


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