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Schuyler test the RS 2 @ Rockies

Schuyler Allen test the RS 2 at Rockies. Allen is from FLA , is now living across from Rockies Lefts, so he will ready put the board thru the ringer. The RS 2 is a take off the RS1 , w/ a pulled in the back half of the Outline, giving a much more racier feel in 3ft. plus surf. The rails are more tapered that the TOUR, making the board super sensitive to the foot. The lower entry rocker from the RS 1 give the the RS 2 plenty of gas, I added 1/4"+ of rocker to loosen it up in the pocket. Fins are set at 7 deg. cant. to really loosen the tail up.
This Board:
Design: RS 2
5'10" X 18.25" X 2.38"
Surfer: Schuyler Allen
Location: Rockies

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