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Shark Bite Victim at New Smyrna Inlet (09 16 2011)

Watch as the surfer comes in from surfing New Syrna Beach, Fla. after a 8 ft. Bull Shark shredded his arm. Super DRAMIC! Heavey i have surf there as grom every day, never seen him, but you know he there, they don't call it "Shark Shallows" for nothing.
My best friend growing up " CRAB", saw this happen 8 ft from him he call me in Hawaii , over this placeā€¦.
"Caught part of a shark attack/rescue while filming surfers at New Smyrna Inlet. The Victim ( Daniel Jorgensen) reported it to be a 4-5 ft. Spinner. Thankfull"...Film by 2Pat

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